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Caroline Barakat

Wednesday January1112 Psychology semester 2 Lecture 2 Chapter 10 LanguageWhy careLanguage allows us to get the contents of our working memory out of our heads and into the heads of others Working memory doing mental work that allows you to solve novel problemsLanguage allows us to share our working memory with one another We share our solutions to problems with other people Animals have working memory but they dont have a rich language system as opposed to humansLanguage allows us to share solutions and knowledge with each otherLanguage underpins our social nature and shows how we pact together and are not solitary animalsWhen we learn things we share it with each otherand allows us to bind together as a society If you want to know what Einstein pastpeople we can learn languageand understand thought processes of those in the past It spans place and time Einstein or the Ancient Greeks not so much the Egyptians o Limitations of the language systemare changingo Were not transmitting words were transmitting more than words It links us between the present and the past What is languageAnimals vs humans o Strength of command moving antdepends on their chemical languageo They gather food into their social stomachand feed suga
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