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Lecture 18

Lecture 18

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John Bassili

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Lecture 18 Psychology II Psychodynamic Approach -Freud said that events that happen in young childhood shape our personality -may fixate and carry that emotion to adulthood -psychodynamic refers to interplay of psycho and energy -one can use mental energy to regulate emotion and how we see ourselves -mind has 3 basic structures: 1) Id -place in ourselves where impulse comes from -works on the basis of pleasure principle -wants gratification, provides motivation -not a rational thinking entity 2) Ego -rational part of self -think about consequence of action -put constrain on id -function on the basis of reality principle 3) Superego -capture moral -think about how others feel about the consequence of action -moral and ethical approach -id is unconscious, not open to our understanding -before this theory, people think of behaviour as conscious and reflective -ego and superego are conscious -in some cases, reasoning in ego and superego is uncons
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