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PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 21 Social Influences and Group Behaviour.doc

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Steve Joordens

PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 21 Social Influences and Group BehaviourMarch 05 2012continuation of Lecture 20one of things that feed into prejudice are scarcity of resources and competition for resourceseven among groups that are assigned randomlylow self esteem is a common predicator of prejudicial attitudeWorld War IIJewish people were successful in business during poor economic times while others didnt and Hitler targeted Jewish people as the cause of the problemother things that support prejudicial behaviour evolutionhumans would develop groups and rely on each other to survivehave territories for hunting and would be suspicious of people not in the groupallowed survival and reproduction to work welloutgroup homogeneityif are in some ingroup and you have limited exposure to outgroups members of the outgroups appear the sameselffulfilling prophecyones behaviourreaction towards an object of their prejudice which might bring out behaviour of the object to justify with prejudicefear of the unknown when a group that was discriminated against comes into power the group that was discriminated against will discriminate against that group that discriminat
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