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PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 23 Cultural Evolution, Lifestyle and Self-control.doc

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Steve Joordens

PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 23 Cultural Evolution Lifestyle and SelfControlMarch 09 2012continuation of Lecture 22viewpoint on a certain issue will become more extreme if you go to a group that also believes in that viewpointie environmentalismgroup polarizationtendency to become more extreme in their view in a groupNo Labelsforget labels in terms of groups just solve the problemevery now and then something happens in a group that is dangerousgroupthink1960s JFK and the government and Cubabomb Cuba because they were communist people blindly follow a leader without thinking about it and this is a result of groupthinkgroupthink nature is happening in Syriapeople doesnt not think the leadership is not right but leadership is morally right and they are willing to kill their own peoplegroupthink arises from a cohesive group which is isolated from the rest of the world has a strong and powerful leader external threat low esteem etcin groupthink they support a course of action and dont consider an alternativethose that think alternatively that person is ostracized or possibly even killedLecture 23Cultural Evolutionculture continues to adapt to everchanging environmental pres
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