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Lecture 19

PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 19 Attitude Formation and Reformation.doc

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Steve Joordens

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Lecture 19 Attitude Formation and Reformation February 29 2012continuation of last lecturepeople make attributions based on behavioursdoes behaviour reflect personality or the situation in which they were init is possible that the construal are based on Westerners certain things become available in our minds ie post911things that come to mind really quick and that weve seen a lot has a disproportionate effect in our decision makingthings that come to our mind easily we tend to overestimate the probability in real lifeheuristicuse shortcutsrules to help us estimate probability without doing calculation ie availability heuristicmaking use of whats available to estimateie representative heuristictemptation to overuse information and allow it swamp base likelihood ratiosseems representative of a categoryLecture 18libertarianpeople should do whatever they want if they dont bring harm to others in the processwhen we listen to messages and condier them there are three levels at which we can think about peoples attitudes1cognitive leveluse rationality statistics and data 2affectiveusing emotions and personal stories most common form of this fear mongeringif you dont do something there will be a severe consequence3
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