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PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 22 Group Dcision Making.doc

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Steve Joordens

PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 22 Group DecisionMakingMarch 07 2012continuation from Lecture 21our behaviour is strongly affected by people around uswe all have the desire to be liked and one of the way we make that happen is when we tend to become like the group in which we like to belong topeople get tasks betterfaster when people are watching as long as the task is not complexif it s complex they dont do it betterreduction in behavioursocial loafingsome members of the group dont do as much of the work if were alonewhite males are the quickest to loaf and the least like are females of eastern descent women are more group minded and people of Eastern culture value interdependencewhat can you do to reduce loafingmake the individual contribution identifiable people that loaf hide behind the anonymity so people wont know theyre loafingbigger the group the easier to hide behind anonymityCommitmentWestern culture is built on materialismif youre in for a dime youre in for a dollarif people commit to something even if its small once they commit to this they are likely to commit to a larger commitmentAttractivenessresearch shows that we ar
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