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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Lecture 6 PSYA02 Chapter 11 J Intelligence N What is Intelligence? o Mental skill o Whether intelligence is just a general mental skills or think of people having specific skills intelligence many things o Intelligence has to do with good performance in cognitive tasks, but what counts for good performance? o Stephen harper knows everthing about hockey, dion former professor uni o Bill Gates richest man, what made him richest? Same skills as harper? o He was great visionary etc, what kind of mental skills make him richest, are they same? o Issue here whether intelligence one skill you good at one thing you good at others or whther many skills involved N Is Intelligence a Single Thing? o Look at athletes is athleticism one skills or many different skills? o If person good at one than he should be good at others o Runner -> Soccer, Biking Tennis -> Hockey o If someone good at one likely to be good at all good athlete? Well no o Just like athleticism intelligence is not a single ability N Autistic Savant Syndrome o Savant(genius-french) o Very rare case in which an individual with an IQ that is well below average has an
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