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Lecture 20

Lecture 20

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John Bassili

Psychology II Lecture 20 Obedience to Authority -examples of atrocities include Nazis killing in WWII and U.S. soldiers massacre in Vietnam War -victims are systemically terminated -officers and soldiers felt that they were ordered to perform what the authority said Milgram Experiment -the experiment involves two participants, one of them being the teacher and the other being the learner -subject will always end up being the teacher -experimenter told the subject the purpose of the experiment is to investigate the role of punishment in learning -subject administers electric shock to the learner when he answers question wrongly -voltage of electric shock increases gradually from mild to danger -learner is placed in another room and the subject can only hear him -learner will display displeasure and suffering during administration of electric shock -to see if subject will continue the electric shock after the learner asks him to stop while the experimenter asks him to continue the experiment -experimenter represents authority -before the experiment, psychologists predicted that 10% will administer electric shock to the highest dangerous voltage, it turne
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