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Lecture 18

PSYA02 Lecture 18 Impression Formation, Attribution and Biases.doc

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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Lecture 18: Impression Formation, Attribution and Biases February 27, 2012 Social Cognition -how people attend to, perceive, interpret and respond to the social world they live in -impression formation forming an impression of another person in a given situation -involves schemata -claim in social psychology is that we form schemas of each other  can be group based i.e. religion, ethnicity, profession  perception of someone can be based on real information or assumed information based on other people like you Forming Impressions of Others -Ash: warm and cold is a central trait and it changes our impression of people  changes warm and cold with other words (i.e. polite for warm and blunt for cold), it doesn’t affect people’s impression of the person -showing disdain is also powerful  most people don’t like people who show disdain (shows superiority and judgementalism) -primacy effect: first few things somebody learns about you has a disproportionate effect on the subsequent opinion of you -first few things are critical -order we encounter traits matters, with earlier traits having the largest effect -humans don’t wear traits as badges, we observe people’s behaviour and base traits on these behaviours -putting mirrors up, it makes people want to be better versions of themselves  they see themselves doing a bad deed and are less likely to do this (self-concept) -one of biggest cross-cultural effects is that we have differences in how we form our self- concepts that can be split on the East-West distinctions -i.e. Westerners  individualistic, influential  hold these traits as important -i.e. Eastern culture
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