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Chapter 15: Social Psychology. Lecture 3&4 [mar7&mar9]

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Chapter 15: Social Psychology Lecture 3&4 (21&22) March 72011 Bystander Apathy o Situation where there is danger, people dont usually help people are apathetic o Others act heroically o In 1960s, a woman (Genovese) walking home was followed and was stabbed Many apartment buildings surrounded, with 38 witnesses, only half an hour or more is it that one of them went to make a phone call to call the police Why are people apathetic? o People draw their cues from other people o The decide what to do based on what others do o Notion that someone else will do something o Public embarrassment is avoided o People invent excuses to avoid helping what it takes for help to occur: 1. Notice an event or situation that may require help 2. Bystander must interpret the event as one that requires help 3. Assume responsibility (and reasons why people do not help) In the case of Genovese case, it is cad llifusion of responsibility: each person will say why meevery witness had reasons to believe that there were other witnesses, but they could not see if others were helping or calling the police
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