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Steve Joordens

CH 14 Personality PSYA02 1Trait Theories of PersonalityPersonality is a particular pattern of behavior and thinking and determines how we act or react in a variety of situationsHumoural Theory by Galen earliest theory to explain individual differences in personalityBody contains 4 humours o Choleric pplexcess yellowbad temperedirritable o Melancholic pplexcess blackgloomypessimistic o Phlegmatic pplexcess phlegm sluggishcalmunexcitable o Sanguine pplexcess bloodpassionatecheerfulPersonality typesdifferent categories into which personality characteristics can be assigned based on factors developmental exp for eg o This is an obviously rejected theory today we conceive of individual differences personality as being in degree not kindPersonality traitenduring personal characteristic that reveals itself in a particular pattern of behavior in different situations o Ppl vary in the extent to which they are one or the other analogous to a personality trait o Traits have both biological and learning outside of bodyAllport Important in Personality Traits Dynamic organizationintegrated and unified whole we have a sense of having a unified experienceorganization occurs within the individualExists in terms of psychophysical systems brainThese systems determineimplying cause and effect Personality has causal impact on our behaviourknowing somebodys personality has anEXPLANATORY power to it Personality helps us makes adaptations to o Believed that people react the same in world around usall situationsCardinal Traitsrare but strong unifying influence on persons behavior eg HitlerCentral Traitsless singular than cardinal eg Honest warm used to distinguish from othersSecondary Traitsminor influence in behavior eg freq to change jobsHe believes we only know how to explain a persons personality once we can describe it
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