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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

1Social Psychstudies social naturehow the actual imagined or implied presence of others influences our thoughts feelings and behaviours Social Cognitionprocess of perceiving interpreting and acting on social info Impression Formationhow you integrate ones traits into coherent sense of who person is Schemamental framework that organizes info about personplace or thing Central traitsare the main ones that greater influence you about the person compared to other traits if hes this then it leads to him also being thisPeripheral Traitsdo not change the overall impression on a person it is more like a synonym of a traitEg Warm and cold vs polite and bluntHowever there is research saying that negative influence is stronger than positive since positive is seen so biased to the world negative influences are prominent in the positive context Primacy Effect we tend to form first impression based on the initial info we learn from the personthis is more found in ppl who werent mentally alert compared to those who werePeople may generate traitlike labels from observed behaviorthese labels can become auto associated in memory with we stimulus happens to have been around SelfConceptknowledge ideas feelings about oneself who are youIt is influenced through culture and consists of two construals based on Markus and Kitayama Independent uniqueness of self autonomy from others selfreliance vs Interdependent interconnected to ppl ppl play role in influence in charclarity is how confident ppl are in their beliefs and attributes Campbell referred those with high clarity with independent construalsHeine believes independent construals are stable and hard to change in constrast to the malleability of traits and abilities for interdependent The Self is a persons distinct individualitySelfschema is the framework that represents info about yourselfSelfConcept changes with experiencedynamic Attributionto infer causes of ppls behaviorAttributists believe that situational and dispositional factors external or internal are the causes of ppl behavior External Factorsstimuli in physicalsocial environment living conditions ppl societal normslaws Internal Factorsthe needstraits and intention of person
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