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CH 17 NOTES Classification and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders Abnormal asDeviation from the average or norm or standards of ideal mental healthAlthough there is no perfect definition of abnormality mental disorders tend to involve patterns of behavior symptoms that a depart from cultural norms b involve the experience of personal distress or elicit distress in others and c impair the individual in his or her ability to thrive in the socialoccupational domainsPerspectives on Causes of Mental DisordersThey differ primarily in their explanation of the etiology or origin of mental disorders Psychodynamic Perspectiveconflict anxietyMD originate in intrapsychic conflict made by the id ego and superegoFreudian viewthe problems we show stem from anxiety we have Symptoms are result of unconscious conflicts and anxiety Medical Perspective disease entities from HippocratesAll signs and symptoms are due to underlying diseasesmedical modelThese diseases are biological in natureDiseasesexplains symptomsMental Illnesses cluster symptoms but they dont explain them CognitiveBehavioral Perspective learning reinforcementWe use learning to account why ppl do what they dolearning a symptom leads to showing itMD are learned maladaptive behavior focused on environmental factors and persons perception of them Humanistic Perspectivepositive regard conditions of worthThe goodness of every person that comes into officewe problems happeningsomebody important failed to tell them thatthey did not give the positive regardyou will supply them unconditional positive regard helps overcome conditions of worth they learnedMD arise when ppl perceive that they must earn the positive regard of others highly dependent on others Sociocultural Perspective problems in livingCultural variables influence the nature and extent to which ppl interpret their own behaCulturebound syndrome is when MD exists appear to occur only in certain cultures
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