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Lecture 24-March 14,2011 prejudice- negative attitude toward a distinguishable group stereotypes-study done in 1933, Catts and Brainey study where people had to write adjectives that correlated with a certain race. Ex. stereotypes of cars, people who drive Buicks are old, people who drive Plymouths are old. Stereotypes often have level of inaccuracy. Inaccuracies that reflect superiority of one group over another. Ex. of one stereotype is that immigrants that come to Canada are ignorant and not educated like Canadians. Dont stereotype, focus on characteristics of individuals. Why is prejudice prevalent in the world? Why can we just get along? Learning theory or explanation of prejudiceif you grow up in prejudice society you learn to be prejudice. Ex. mom and child are out buying groceries and sees a German. mom says stay away from the German, that filthy thing, and child learns to be prejudice to that kind. Competition for scarce resourceswhen people compete with each other for scarce resources, they tend not to like each other. Ex. were Canadian theyre taking our jobs away from us. Imagine a situation when your with someone at work and your frustrated with them. Theyre frustrated and try to retaliate. You can explain prejudice in terms of frustration, targeting a minority group. Frustration leads to the ability to aggress. Personality very well know personality type describe to
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