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Steve Joordens

Chapter 14 Personality The Psychodynamic ApproachBefore Freud behaviour was believed to be rational conscious processPsychodynamic the Freudian notion that the mind is in a state of conflict among instincts reason and conscienceThe Development of Freuds TheoryBook Studies of Hysteriawith case of Anna O Who showed physical symptoms that hypnosis relieved by bringing out the strong emotions that caused themCatharsis release of energy mental energyInstinctual drives are triggered by events in a persons lifeThese drives supply psychic energy and if something prevents the psychic energy from being discharged psychological disorders will followTraumatic events can seriously threatenTo understand personality must tap into unconsciousPersonality is determined by conscious and unconscious powers Structures of the Mind Id Ego and SuperegoUnconscious mental events which we are not aware ofConscious mental events which we are aware of Preconscious mental events that may become conscious through effort ID the unconscious reservoir of libido the psychic energy that is unresponsive to the demands of reality the primary source of motivationLibido an insistent instinctual force that is unresponsive to the demands of reality the primary source of motivationPleasure Principle rule that ID obeys to obtain immediate gratification whatever form it may take Ego thinking planning and protective self makes decisions regarding the pleasures that will be pursued at Ids demand the persons safety requirements and the moral dictates of the superego that will be followed perception cognition and memory some of it Reality Principle tendency to satisfy the ids demands realistically compromise demands of id and superego delay gratification Superego moral values divided into conscience and ego ideal o Conscience the internalization of the rules and restrictions of society o Egoideal persons internalized goals and ambitionsPrimary Drive sexual instinctual drive and aggressive instinctual drive Internalized Prohibitions rules of behaviour learned in childhood that protect the person from the guilt they would feel if instinctual drives were allowed to express themselvesCompromise Formation between the demands of the ID and suppression of superego manifest as dreams artistic creations and slips of the tongue
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