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Lecture 4

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lecture4: - It is difficult to teach a chimp language. Humans are preprogrammed. We pick up language easily. Brain language disorder: - Get people to do rhyming things & how using technology we can detect which part of the brain is active. - (Brain) Hemispheric Specialization- For men language is situated on the left side of the brain. For women its both side. There is some activities going on towards the right. Language is mostly localized in the left hemisphere. (seen by FMRI scans). Rhyming task. - MRI- Magnetic Resonance Images. Expensive scanners. they are wait list. 6months to do it. Doctors rely on. It images the body. Advantage over X-Ray: it does not only calcified tissue but looks into depth of tissue. MRI - static structural image of the body. - FMRI- PSychologist are interested in functional. F stands for functional. Focuses on the brain of men- this is the area of the brain that lights up. It is the symbolic area of brain- it does not light up. THe best & preferred. Its good with special resolution. Not very good with temporal resolution. BOLD is something that takes few seconds to flow blood. But we cannot track per second. - WHen we are rhyming, thinking- what happens is that the is depletion of Oxygen in the brain that needs to keep going. Brain tells cardiovascular system- its starving of oxygen. It sends more blood then needed. BY using the property of Oxygenated & deoxygenated blood. WHen they participate in rhyming task- when engaged in the task more oxygenated part is seen. - BOLD- Blood oxygen level dependence. THis is what MRI relies on. WHere oxygenated blood is need in the areas. - EEG- putting - it picks up the small current in the scalps when engaging in the active. Cheaper- go
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