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Lecture 8

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Lecture 8 PSYA02 Notes • Tendency to divide world into distinct and non-overlapping characteristics • Men and women don’t differ in kind, but in degree of the attributes they possess. 1960s 1. Conceptual mistake to assume men are opposite to women 2. Doesn’t allow people to have male traits if the subject is female and vice versa 1970s 1. Masculinity and femininity: separate, individual dimensions of each other (not opposite) • Gender Segregation: when separated and allowed to interact with people of the same sex, men and women behave differently. This is because they were raised differently; they were segregated and played differently. • Gender Socialization: different kinds of play. Children acquired and learnt different kinds of attributes of which they carry on to adulthood. • At age four ration of Same Sex : Cross Sex interaction is 3:1, at age 10 is 10:1 Masculinity & Femininity • Two indep
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