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LECTURE6 6/24/2012 11:07:00 AM Heritability Certain treat tend to be lost be cause there is very less varitiblity Intelligence is determined by both genetics and environments Twins For identical twins they have the same gene pool and the environments  they probably share a similar environment they would be the same gender they are going to be both together most of their life personality and behavior is very similar Feternal twins do not have the same genetics but they do have the same environment they group up in Parents may have a different environment  boy and girl There is no different in their gene pool between feternal and other siblings but there is a environment that plays role in the their behavior THE MORE INTELLIGIENT YOUR PARENTS ARE THE MORE INTELLIGENCE YOU ARE This is weather you are raised by your biological parents or not you are going to have their same amount of intelligence Adaptation Is wise for you to choose the parents that have the type of intelligence that you want your child to have because it plays a huge role in it Parents are not genetically related to the children and the Vocabulary is where they have the largest effect from the adaptive parents because they able to influence this when by giving them a good learning environment Research in enriched environment Environment full of simulation, the more simulation the smart the person becomes It allows the brain to wire in that
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