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Chapter 15 part 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Lecture 19 (28-02-11): Chapter 15: Social influence Social influence refers to changes in our behaviour as a result of direct or indirect intervention by others, sales people are an example of people who create social influence Example: person gets into an elevator where there were six others, all of the sudden all of the other people turned and faced the back even though there was no door, even though the person didnt know why they did it he did it anyway without other people having to tell him what to do Low-Ball technique: the salesperson quotes an unusually low price, you agree to buy it at that price The salesperson them comes up with a reason to change the price, thus removing the reason you decided to buy Option not included Manager says we would be losing money Calculation error Trade in re-appraised lower Do you still buy it? Evidence shows that you tend to (they do it because psychologically they committed themselves to buying the car, their searching is over and they are relieved)
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