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chapter 15 part 2

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John Bassili

Lecture 20 (02-03-11): Chapter 15 Social influence Obedience: a person of a higher status (authority) issues an order and people obey it History offers many examples of atrocities: - Systemic killing of millions by Nazis in WWII - U.S. soldiers massacre in My Lair during Vietnam War Some it is honourable and appreciated but at times it is bad (Nazis example), when Nazis Germany was lost and people who were doing the massacre was captured, they said that I didnt do anything wrong, all I was doing is being a good officer and following orders from my higher officer, I didnt develop the machine that was used to kill many people and they said that they did because they were ordered to do it Were these people different form us? Were they cold-blooded killers? Was their personality the cause of their behaviour? Social psychologists say that the situation often exerts strong pressures on the individual; orders given by the people in authority create such pressures Example: Milgram (a psychologist) did an experiment where they is a person in-charge who choose a person to administer shocks to a person who was part of the experimenters team, it was a memory task and the person was told to administer shocks every time the person would get the question wrong,
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