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Chapter 15- Lecture Notes th Lecture 1 (Feb 28 )  Social influence: changes in our behavior that are a result of the influence by other people (direct or indirect) o Influence may be very subtle  (ie) when deciding whether to study or watch tv, a picture of our parents pop into our head, telling us to go study  Social influence can be used in many ways; even in shady ways o Car salespeople and how they use social influence to influence buyers into buying a car  “Low ball technique” : giving a lower price than the other dealers just to grab the customers (the low price is not to their advantage)  They do small talk, make a friendly environment and then when its time to sign the contract they raise the price saying how the price mentioned earlier was for another thing (manual and not automatic)  Low ball techniques do work because salepeople still continue to use it  Why do people still by the car even after being “cheated”? When they say they’re buying the car, in their mind they are committed to buying the car; also committed to the salesperson  Sales-people tell customers to make an offer and usually they are left alone for 5 minutes so that they can talk to the manager to see if the offer is acceptable.  Even though the sales-people clearly know that the offer is not acceptable they still take it because during the 5 minutes of alone-time the individual will b e most likely dreaming about this car and raising the value of it in their mind  And so even though the salesperson comes back with an offer with an increased price, the individual would buy it regardless because of the dreams they had  Usually when someone asks to make an offer, the individual making the over is making a psychological commitment o So as a buyer, how should one approach car sales?  Five rules  Never appear anxious/desperate  Never negotiate down from sticker price; negotiate up from invoice price (the price the dealer paid when buying the car)  Whoever speaks first after the offer is made looses  Always raise your bid in small increments  Stay firm on your offer  Conformity: when one person follows others because of pressure o Usually when there is a dissent (disagreement) usually there is pressure, and the individual will consent Asch’s Conformity situation (video)  Asked to identify the correct line that is the same size as another line  All other participants were told to say the wrong line  The individual who did not know that the others were told to say the wrong line says the wrong line as well because he wanted to fit in (conform)  Factors that affect conformity o Size of majority matters only up to a point; after the point you realize people are
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