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Chapter 18: Treatments for Psychological Disorders -- lecture notes

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John Bassili

Chapter 18: Treatments of Psychological Disorders April 42011 Biological focus in approaching a psychological disorder (ex: chemical imbalance) Medical approach: Implanting electrodes also helps with psychological disorders Psychologists do not always agree that mental disorders are biological, but rather adaptation Client-Therapist Relationship Talk-therapy: o Client will seek the help of a psychotherapist and will engage in a relationship with the professional o the client is motivated to see a therapist to deal with the issue, rather than keeping it to himher self o the therapist is skilled; approaches the problem in a skilled and professional waymethodology o the therapist is a caring individual and shows concern; will provide the best knowledge to the client to help o relationship of trust is built o therapeutic alliance: relationship between the client and therapistprovides a safe setting for dealing with problems, allows for healing Psychodynamic Theory: Insight therapies to gain in site about ones self regarding self-conflicts (from childhood), etc. Sidmung Freudian approacha:pproach that believes that psychological problems are adaptive o Believed that children who have been through sexual encounters (psychosexual hang-ups), usually um sental energy throughout their life time
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