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Lecture 21 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Lecture 21 Bystander Apathy: bystanders are apathetic; dont do anything when they are witnessing some emergency - or they act in a heroic way; Video: - a woman stabbed to death with so many people watching; no one wanted to get involved - set up a scene where someone is stealing a womans purse; no one did anything - a person faking a heart attack in the middle of the road; not many people stopped. When one person does then there are others Graph 1] noticing a person, even or situation that potentially may require help people noticed 2] interpreting the event as one that requires help 3] assuming responsibility 4] deciding how to provide assistance 5] helping Explanation: diffusion of responsibly, pluralistic ignorance, cost - you know that there are others, responsibility becomes diffused ; I dont need to do anything, im sure someone else did it - whats going on whats going on; nothing;; norm emerges.. the right thing to do is nothing ;; people make excuses - potential cost; rather do something rather than help; selfish explanation ; the higher the cost, especially interms of personal danger, the less people are likely to help ; embarrassment, danger, etc The self - we have beliefs, values, confidence etc - the notion of what role does memory play in the holding together for the self - Self Concept : the way we perceive ourselves and feel we are perceived by others - our sense of self provides the glue that hold our past and present together and froms the basis of our furture aspirations - ma
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