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Lecture 22 Notes

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John Bassili

Lecture 22 Nonverbal communication: things communicated outside language encoding ; things we do, tone at which we say something; reading between the lines -verbal : can be done orally, or written Dyadic Conversation: conversations involving two people; they normally have a structure that follows an A-B-A-B form; each person takes a turn at speaking then listening - speaker tends to look away, listener looks ;; turn taking event - prior to giving up the floor, the speaker looks at the listener indicating that its their turn - in anticipation of turn taking, the listener will look away and then start talking - visual behaviour indicates turning tables; hes ready to give up the floor to the listener; signals to listener to start getting ready to talk - why does speaker look away? Handing the more difficult role in terms of cognitive resources, have to decide on meaning, deep structure, and words they are going to produce, takes effort, need to concentrate into smooth production of speech want to avoid distraction; thats why speakers tend to look away from speakers quite a bit - individual dependency; we dont really know how or why we do it the way we do it Things people do when Communicating - emblems : nonverbal gestures that have specific definitions within a given culture such as the ok sign, head nods, shrugs, winks and finger wags -illustrators nonverbal gestures which do not have any meaning, but are used to supplement and emphasize speech. Illustrators include hand waving and finger snapping while speaking; improvised and add to speech and communication -backchannel communication : while listening people usually make comments like yes and right at appropriate moments in the conversation ; cannot become speaker with out the person saying uh huh mmhm yea yea ; can become distracting and annoying to the speaker; useful in guiding in communication; people asked about how the movie was; one set that had back channel and one that had none
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