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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Monday :Chapter 15 Social Influence: Changes in our behaviour that are the result of influence that is either directly or indirectly by others Candid camera; black and white film The camera films someone going into the elevator with 6 other people The elevator goes up and the six people turn around and face the back The person who goes in notices and is perplexed As the door opens on the top floor the person turns around just like the other people Conartists use a tale for reinforcement A low ball technique: saying a lowreasonable price for a product: Intrigues the buyer(creating a situation to keep the buyer) In the course of signing the contract they extend the price : add extra costs Talks to the manager Say they mixed up numbers Lower trade cars value Research shows that people still go through with the purchase Why? : when the person says yes to the low price In their minds they have committed themselves to buying this car They stopped the search process stress: psychological commitment You start getting committed to the idea that youre going to buy from this sales person And when that sale is threatene
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