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Chapter 15 Lecture 4 - lecture and class notes

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John Bassili

Lecture 22 o Non-verbal communication o Normally- communication producing words and phonemes (verbally)- orally or written o What we do , things we see, behavior and very communicative o Reading bw the lines o We dont realize we use it o Dyadic Conversations o 2 people conversing with each other o Dyadic conversations are conversations which involve two people. They normally have a structure that follows an A-B-A-B form. That is, each person takes a turn speaking and then listening o Where are the speaker and the listener looking when taking their turns? o Gaze Direction During Conversation o A= tends to look away- looks at listener o B= Looks at the speaker looks away o When u are speaking u look away 50% of the time from the listener o Listener tends to look at the speaker most of the time o Turning taking event o Takes some coordination to avoid speaking over each other or long pauses o Where do people look close to the turn taking event o The speaker will look away. But when giving up the floor to the listener. The speaker
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