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Chapter 15 Lecture 3 - lecture and class notes

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John Bassili

Lecture 21 o Bystander Apathy o Anytime there is an emergency with witnesses o Often the bystanders dont help o Why? o Not always the case- sometimes heroic o Many concerned citizens getting involved at great cost to themselves to help the kids o phenomenon o 1960s in New York o Kitty Ginevesee o Was followed home and stabbed her, she screamed and a lot of building heard about what happened o Over the next half hour in 3 episodes and 38 witnesses o Only 1 made a phone call to police o When the police were called and were on the scene in seconds o Why are people apathetic? Why couldnt they call o Video on Bystander Apathy o I didnt want to get involved o Because no one else got involved o No one did anything and even though he was walking o 1.Decide if it was an emergency o 2.What should u do? Look around u and copy what they d o Think someone
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