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Chapter 15 Lecture Notes + Slides

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John Bassili

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Chapter 15: Social Psychology Social Psychology: Studies our social nature. How the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. o Social influence: refers to changes in our behaviour due to the result of direct or indirect intervention by others. Can be used in clever ways and not necessarily honest techniques (sales persons) Con artists persuade others into giving them money by telling them tales The low ball technique: Sales person quotes an unusually low price, and you agree to buy it at that price. Then the sales person changes finds a reason to change the price with the following reasons: Calculation error Option not included Manager says we lose money Trade in re assessed lower o Conformity: adopting of attitudes and behaviours shared by a specific group of people. People conform easily because: the desire to be liked and the desire to be right. Factors that affect conformity include: Size of majority: the more people in a majority the more likelihood of someone to conform. (after 4-5 people group size does not matter) Unanimity: We are less likely to conform when there is another person that disagrees with the majority. Even if that person is wrong. Commitment: the more committed we are to our opinion; the less likely we are to conform. Factors of why people conform:
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