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Chapter 17 Lecture 1- lecture 27, class and lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Lecture 27 Chapter 17- The Nature and Causes of Mental Disorders o Documenting various disorders o Abnormal psyc o Classifying Mental Disorders o There is a wide variety of psychological disorders. Classifying them is a prerequisite to organized diagnosis and treatment o The American psychiatric associations diagnostic and statistical manual IV (DSM- IV)- TR (text revision) is the most commonly used classification scheme Used to classify mental illnesses o DSM-IV contains 5 axes that are described in the textbook. We are going to focus on disorders contained in Axis I and II o DSM- 4- presently very active research on the system o Contribute to the update o A simpler Classification o 5 axes 1+ 2 are mental disorders 2- subset of disorders Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) overall rating of a persons mentalphysical health due to mental disorders Axes I psychological disorders that require clinical attention (alcohol dependence) Axes II personality disorders (anti-social personality disorder) Axes III physical disorders (alcoholic cirrhosis) Axes IV Severity of stress (divorce, loss of job) Axes V overall level of psychological, social, or occupational functioning (GAF = 30; very serious impairment of functioning) o A less technical way of classifying mental disorders is in terms: o Common way of unscientific classification Neurosis: Excessive irrational emotionality without loss of contact with reality Anxiety Phobia Obsession Depression Psychosis: severe disturbance of thought and emotion with loss of contact with reality (schizophrenia) Hallucination Paranoia
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