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Chapter 17 Lecture 2- lecture 28- class and lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Lecture 28 o Hypochondriasis o Excessive fear of being ill o Hypochondriasis is a persistent exaggerated fear that one is suffering from a physical illness o Hypochondriacs tend to interpret their physical symptoms as indicative of a serious illness. They quickly seek medical attention and expect the worst o When medical tests are negative, they worry that a test was overlooked o Hypochondriacs may take their blood pressure frequently, and keep lots of medication at hand o Alert of physical symptoms and always think the worse about the symptoms o Worry about health o .Video on Hypochondriasis o Father became rebellious when she lost her fathers attention o Rebellion become inward o Disable herself to keep her connected to a powerful man o By being fragile at the same time o Freudian like o Causes of Anxiety Disorders o The causes of anxiety disorders are complex, but there is some evidence for each of the following. Some of these causes are more relevant to some anxiety disorders than others: Stressful life events (having faced danger) PTSD Extreme stress and becomes very worried and is easy to trigger the scary situation Learned kind of anxiety Childhood adversity (parental neglect, worry, abuse) Not met by parents Worrying about danger that the parents didnt support them Constant worry Never learned to approach life as safe Attachment style (insecure attachment) No secure attachment Always worried when they try to talk to others Cannot trust people Learning mechanisms (phobia after bad experience) Phobia Fear of spiders as a result of one bad experience Immense emotional reaction can stick with u
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