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Chapter 17 Lecture 3- lecture 29- class and lecture notes

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John Bassili

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Lecture 29 o Personality Disorders o We all have personalities o Personality- something that reflects ourselves o A broad class of psychological disorders which reflect long-term characteristics of the person o Very serious mental health issue o Goes beyond and individual being different from other people o Like other personality traits but Very dysfunctional Cause a lot of problems to individual and the persons interactions with others Not an episode that a person goes through Disorder- when it creates problems for others o Personality disorders tend to be difficult to diagnose and to treat (what is the difference bw being eccentric and having a personality disorder? Narcissism is a good ex. Of this ambiguity) o We will look at 3 exs of personality disorders: Psychopathy ( Antisocial personality disorder ASPD) Borderline personality disorder Obsessive- Compulsive personality disorder o The Psychopath o Called an antisocial personality disorder o Not a nice person o Person is a victim of the problem But here it is number of characteristics that causes problems for others Mostly criminals sometimes more skilled than others Want to victimization in others o Characteristics of the psychopathic personality (ASPD): Criminality (failure to conform to social norms and laws) Prone to violate norms All my life I have been in trouble Early criminal life might lead to this Lack of empathy, anxiety and fear Person with an underactive autonomic nervous system No alarm system Lack of remorse for mistreating others Lack of empathy Number one characteristic Dont feel guilty for having hurt others Because of the lack of autonomic
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