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Connie Boudens

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PSYB01 LECTURE 4 Observational research, case studies, archival evidence 1. quantitive data: numeric, fewer features/ variables, larger group 2. qualitative data: data is text, video, audio etc, smaller # of groups OBSERVATIONAL RESEARCH: systematically recording beh - to be scientific, observation must: serve a formulated research purpose, planned deliberately, systematically recorded and be subject to checks/ controls on validity and reliability - advantages: naturally occurring, readily available, can yield ideas for future research - disadvantages: potential for observer or confirmation bias OBSERVING BEH FROM THE OUTSIDE: NATURALISTIC OBSERVATION - observation of beh were it occurs naturally, shd be unobtrusive, good for studying beh that might be altered if participants knew they were being observed (reactivity effect), high external validity, time consuming and inconvenient OBSERVING BEH FROM THE INSIDE: PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION - researcher enters context, maintain field notes (rich narratives about the experiences of the observed and observer) - advantages= introduces us to the world of others, high external validity, researcher able to experience same conditions, can collect info on factors that may not be overtly observable - subjectivity is a
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