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Chp 12: B01 Understanding Research Results: Desc and correlation Statistics helps to develop an understanding of the collected data Two reasons for using stats: Describe data Make inferences in the basis of sample data about a population Scales of measurement: Whenever a variable is studied o There is an operational definition of the variable o There must be 2 or more levels of the variable Recal from chapter 5 The levels of a variable can be desribed using one of the fourls scales of measurement o Nominal No numerical or qunatative property The lvls are just diffrn categories or groups Most indepdent variables are nominal Gender, eye color, marital status o Ordinal Minimal quantative distinction We can rank the order the variable from lowest to highest Rank of the order of these problems One problem with this time of level is we dont know the interval between them Its like choclate is my most fav candy and my second favoire it bubble gum what is the difference in liking them a lot ? a little ? o Interval Detailed qunatative properties The intervals in between levlers are equal in size The difference btw 1and2 is the same as btw 2and3 Interval scales usually have 5+ quantativie levels very negative to very positive Allow for more sophisticated statistical treatments then ordinal scales No absoloute zero point
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