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Lecture 3

PSYB01 - Lecture 3 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anna Nagy

Research Methods September 19th 2013Lecture 3 Studying BehaviourLearning ObjectivesDescribe the different steps involved in the research processDefine variable and describe the four categories of variables situational response participant and mediating variablesDefine operational definition of a variableDescribe the different relationships between variables positive negative curvilinear and no relationshipCompare and contrast nonexperimental and experimental research methodsDistinguish between an independent variable and a dependent variableDiscuss the three elements for inferring causation temporal order covariation of cause and effect and elimination of alternative explanationsDiscuss necessarysufficient causesDiscuss the limitations of laboratory experiments and the advantage of using multiple methods of researchDistinguish between construct validity internal validity and external validityThe Research Process 1 Research IdeaTopiclibrary researchhypothesis 2 Define and measure variables must be reliable and valid 3Identify participants or subjectswhich ones How many Ethics 4Determine which strategy will best answer questionexperimental quasiexperimental correlational or descriptive study consider limitations of each 5 Choose specific research designbetween or within subjects Single subject Factorial design 6 Do the study collect your data 7 Analyze your data descriptive and inferential statistics 8 Write paper APAremember ethical considerations 9 Assess original ideaalter refine expand GravetterForzano 2009 p 26 Topic of Library Research A Couple of Examples Elements of a Good HypothesisLogicalTestableRefutablePositive
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