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Lecture 8

PSYB01 - Lecture 8 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anna Nagy

PSYB01 - Lecture 8 Chapter 10: Complex Experimental Designs Factorial Designs COMPLEX EXPERIMENTAL DESIGNS Was it possible to detect this relationship if only two levels of the IV were used in this experiment? COMPLEX EXPERIMENTAL DESIGNS Is the relationship between the IV and DV linear or curvilinear? IDENTIFYING FACTORIAL DESIGNS system that simultaneously identifies the number of IV and the number of levels of each IV FACTORIAL MATRIX look at all possible combinations of the different levels of each IV Number of conditions can be determined by calculating the product of the numbers in the notation system 3 X 3 = 9 2 X 2 X 4 = 16 OUTCOMES OF FACTORIAL DESIGNS Main effects  the overall effect of a single IV.  So—in a study with 2 IV, there can be at most 2 main effects  Determining the main effect for one IV involves combining all the data for each of the levels of that factor. MAIN EFFECT OF TYPE OF TRAINING? 3.2. INTERACTIONS • When the effect of one IV depends on the level of another IV 2X3 EXAMPLE Factor 1: Treatment  Psychotherapy  Behaviour Modification Factor 2: Setting  Inpatient  Day Treatment  Outpatient 2 X 3 EXAMPLE DependentVariable: Level of Illness (higher number = more severe illness) Example: Main Effect of Setting Main Effect of Treatment Interaction Effect INTERACTION EFFECT--CONCLUSIONS  Day treatment never the best condition  Psychotherapy works best with inpatient care  Behaviour modification works best with outpatient care ALL POSSIBLE OUTCOMES OF A 2X2 DESIGN 1. main effect for factor A only 2. main effect for factor B only 3. main effects for A and B only 4. main effect for A plus an interactio
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