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Lecture 11

PSYB01 - Lecture 11 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anna Nagy

Psyb01lecture 11 Understanding research results description and correlationScales of measurement a reviewNominalNo numerical quantitative propertiesLevels represent different categories or groupsOrdinalminimal quantitative distinctionsOrder the levels from lowest to highestIntervalquantitative propertiesIntervals between levels are equal in sizeCan be summarized using meansNo absolute zeroRatiodetailed quantitative propertiesEqual intervalsAbsolute zeroCan be summarized using meanAnalyzing the results of research investigationswhat to do with data Three basic ways of describing the results 1 Comparing group percentagesUsed for nominal scale variablesExampleask boys and girls whether they like schoolLike or dislike is nominal categorical variableAsk 100 boys and 100 girlsFind that 60 boys and 70 girls like schoolWhat would you reportPerform statistical analysis to determine if difference between groups is significantPie chart Bar graph Analyzing the results of research investigations2 Correlating individual scoresObtain pairs of observations from each subject each individual has two scores one from each of the variablesAsk whether variables go together in a systematic fashion by calculating pearson r correlation coefficient
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