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PSYB01 - Lecture 1 Notes

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Research Methods September 5th, 2013 - Lecture 1 The Scientific Approach Studying Psychology  Psychology is the explicit study of how people think, feel, and behave.  Many themes and studies contained within the discipline. Personality, learning and memory, social development, hormones and behaviour, abnormal behaviour, relationships and emotion, clinical issues How does Psychology Differ From Philosophy, the Humanities?  All of these disciplines concerned with fundamental issues of human experience.  Use of Scientific Method  Other methods subject to serious limitations  Rely on experience and authority in the construction of our beliefs. Course Objectives  Illustrate the limitations of non-scientific approach (and scientific approach).  Teach scientific method as it applies to psychology.  Teach how to write a research paper (research proposal/review).  Critical Thinking!!!!! Lecture 1 Learning Objectives  Limitations of non-scientific approaches  Limitations of scientific method  Why we use scientific method  General Principles of the approach Why Use the Scientific Method in Psychology  Methods we use in day to day world and in some other disciplines subject to numerous limitations.  Tend to rely on personal experience, intuition, and opinions of authority figures . Class Exercise  Judgements about the personality of Claire  Brief descriptions about Claire made by her friends  After reading each statement, I will ask you some questions about Claire  Two groups (C. Farley, 2003) Group 1  Goal--Answer the following question: • Is Claire an extroverted individual? Group 2  Goal--Answer the following question: • Is Claire an introverted individual? Seven Limitations of Personal Experience 1. Confirmation Bias and Discounting Problem: -tend to seek out information that is consistent with our expectations and discount information that is inconsistent - the way a question is worded may also influence outcome (Loftu
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