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Anna Nagy

Psyb01 Chapter 1Understanding research methods canHelp one become an informed consumerGive one a competitive edge in variety of career pathsHelp one participate in public policy debatesHelp evaluate efficacy of programs you may choose to implementMethods for Acquiring Knowledge Intuition o Unquestioning acceptance of what your person judgement or a single story about one persons experience tells you about the world o Often used for finding an explanation for ourother peoples behavioursFor example you develop an explanation for why you have conflicts with a coworker such as that person wants my job o Can also be used for explaining intriguing events that you observeAs in the case of concluding that no longer looking for longterm love increases the chance of finding it o Problem with Intuition Many cognitive and motivational biases affect our perceptions likely to draw erroneous wrong conclusions about cause and effectThings like illusory correlation occurs when we focus on two events that stand out and occur together In the case of looking for long term love we dontdo pay attention when we see that looking for longterm love doesnt does occur when were not are looking Authority o As an alternative to the scientific method of acquiring knowledge accepting anything learned from supposed authority figures eg new media books government officials or religious figures o Many people tend to be more persuaded by someone that seems prestigious trustworthy and respectable than one that lacks these o Scientific approach rejects this notion that one can accept on faith the statements of any authority evidence is needed before drawing scientific conclusions Skepticism Science and the Empirical Approach o Scientific approach to acquiring knowledge recognizes that both intuition and authority are sources of behaviour o Scientists dont accept anyones intuitions including their own o Thus theyre skeptical about what they see and hear Scientific skepticism ideas must be evaluated on the bases of careful logic and results from scientific investigationso The fundamental characteristic of the scientific method is empiricism
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