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Anna Nagy

Chapter 7 Asking people about themselvessurvey researcho survey research uses questionnaires and interviews to ask ppl to provide info abt themselvestheir attitudes and beliefs demographics age sex income marital status etc and other facts and past or intended future behaviours o qualitative and quantitative researchers use surveys to collect data Why conduct surveys o a multitude of surveys are conducted all the time eg in newspaper university survey centres websiteso surveys provide us with a methodology for asking ppl to tell us abt themselvestheyre important bc society demands data abt issues rather than only intuition and anecdotes o in basic research many important variables including attitudes current emotional states and selfreports of behaviours are easily studied using questionnaires or interviews also an important way for researchers to study relationships bw variables and ways that attitudes and behaviours change over time or among different groups of ppl o survey research is also important as a complement to experimental researcho assumption that underlies the use of questionnaires and interviews is that ppl are willing and able to provide truthful and accurate answers this is the source of much debate over the value of survey research o response set a tendency to respond to all questions from a particular perspective rather than to provide answers that are directly related to the questions o most common response set is called social desirability social desirability response setleads individual to answer in the most socially acceptable way or the way that the person thinks most ppl would respond o researchers can use methods to detect which participants may be showing a social desirability response set Constructing questions to ask Defining the research objectives o when constructing a survey the researcher must explicitly determine the research objectives o survey questions must be tied to research questions being addressedo 3 general types of survey questions attitudes and beliefs facts and demographics behaviours o attitudes and beliefs questions abt attitudes and beliefs focus on the ways that ppl evaluate and think abt issues o facts and demographics factual questions ask ppl to indicate things they know abt themselves and their situation Asking some demographic info is necessary to adequately describe your sample o behaviours questions that focus on past behaviours or intended future behavioursQuestion wording o cognitive psychologists have identified the following problems w question wording a unfamiliar technical terms b vague or imprecise terms c
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