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Oct 25

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Anna Nagy

th Oct.25 , 2010 Confound variable: An uncontrolled 3rd variable known to affect a relationship between two variables Look at past studies to see if theres any confounding factors already noticed limitations of our study GOAL: Find convergence in results among different studies Randomization: How? randomly assign participants to do experimental control design, equally distributing the differences among participants When? when the variables among participants cannot be held constant Why? Sampling the whole population = impossible, so we sample 1 population most of the time (limited sample size) BUT, randomization may not be Easy Enough because differences between subjects are too large Evaluating Research: Validity= truth and accurate representation of information Construct Validity Adequacy of the operational definition of variables Are the results replicable? Internal Validity Ability to draw conclusions about causal relationships from our data *Experimental studies have higher chance bc were controlling variable, reducing possibilities of confounds. Two general threats to internal validity: 1. when control groups are absent (non- experimental studies) bc you have less power to control study and come to conclusion based on collected date 2. when comparisons are made between nonequivalent groups (Quasi-experimental: you take subject groups as they are e.g: where victims live?) chances that differences between the subjects maybe large enough to affect results
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