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Oct 18

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anna Nagy

Midterm Nov.1 (2hours) 50 MCs + 3 short answers essay questions (*Application questions so think abt skills taught) Do questions after each Chapter in book & review lecture notes Research Proposal: Check sample topics posted on blackboard 5 pages content (background, methods,) Cover page, Abstract (proposed results), appendices-questionnaire? References (5 peer-reviewed) Find empirical articles: evaluate their methods and think of improvements come up with hypothesis Read discussion sections in the articles Ideas: test contradictions between 2 studies? Continue from a study and extend results LECTURE 3: CH. 4STUDYING BEHAVIOR LEARNING OBJECTIVES Describe the different steps involved in the research process Define variable and describe the four categories of variables: situational, response, participant, and mediating variables Define operational definition of a variable Describe the different relationships between variables: positive, negative, curvilinear, and no relationship Compare and contrast nonexperimental and experimental research methods Distinguish between an independent variable and a dependent variable Discuss the three elements for inferring causation: temporal order, covariation of cause and effect, and elimination of alternative explanations Discuss necessary & sufficient causes Discuss the limitations of laboratory experiments and the advantage of using multiple methods of research Distinguish between construct validity, internal validity, and external validity
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