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Lecture May 24

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anna Nagy

Evil Psychology Experiment Stanford PrisonYouTubeBelmont Principletricouncil policy frames this differently but riskbenefit analysis in any sort of decision making around ethicstricouncil policy talks about academic freedom nancy olivieri case stems from thisuoft did not back up nancy olivieri in backing her up against pharmaceutical companiesresearch at universities increasingly funded by corporationspharmaceutical companies funding publicly available researchmay cause data to be ambivalentDavid Healey is another scientist who was hired for CAMH to open new centre for mooddisorders attended uoft came to do his speechhad pharmaceutical company who wassponsor at opening event job offer was withdrawn because of his talk surrounding use of antidepressants and suicidetri council reflects responsibility of university and researcher to speak of and publish results freelyto speak of institution in critical wayAcademic Freedom Freely Publishing Results Challenging Current ThinkingRight and responsibility to protect participants in any academic study underlying this premise is a respect for human dignityHuman dignity often difficult to definetri council policy has actually summarized three explicit principles that speak to human dignity respect for persons concerns for welfare and justiceprinciples are complementary and interdependent with one anotherrespect for persons respect for autono
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