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Purple text – Prof’s Speech PSYB01 – Lecture 2 Slide 2 – Getting Initial Ideas - Look around you o Things from the environment, things other people do o Direct observation – anything that makes you wonder  Question what you usually take for granted  i.e. people entering PIN at a cashier – do they cover the pad? Stand in front of it? Only when others are around? - Stories in newspapers, magazines, websites - Blogs o Ex: Robert the Doll (in museum) – where does superstition come from? - Common sayings o Does this really happen? (is it true?) o Could I research this – what question might it translate into?  What goes around comes around - untestable o Under what conditions might this hold or not hold? o Ex. Absence makes the heart grow fonder  Testable  Ex: physical separation makes people more affectionate towards each other  Factors: time period of separation, distance, sexual orientation - The funnies/cartoons - Extend previous research o Psychology is a cumulative field o What are the questions that were left unanswered by study X?  Often, we see a problem/something researchers haven‟t thought of and form a study accordingly o Are there additional variables I could add or different conditions I could look at Slide 5 – Narrowing it Down - Narrow it down to 1 or 2 sentences - Be specific about what you want to research - Bad: o I want to study love – too broad o I want to find out if talent is inherited o Why do so many people think Obama is muslim? - Better: o I‟m interested in the development of love relationships that start online o I‟d like to know if the ability to match pitch is mostly genetic or mostly learned o I‟m interested in why people are less likely to questions information that is consistent with their beliefs - Don‟t ramble on and on – narrow it down to 1 or 2 sentences - Use sentence stems or fill in the blanks o Ex: I‟d like to investigate the effect of ____ on _____ under these conditions. Slide 7 – Searching the Literature - Why is this necessary? o There aren‟t many great insights that come from 1 previous study – they usually come from many previous studies o History of research in the area o Establish case for project/build rationale o Make sure it hasn‟t already been done  Know what‟s been done in the past o Can be a source of ideas in itself - Best ways to start o Refer to textbooks on the subject in order to get the basic information o Library web page o PsychInfo o Google Scholar - Keywords o Refer to texts o Use keywords in references to access more articles on the same topic Slide 8 – What exactly is “the literature”? - Published materials – not magazines, newspapers articles - Scholarly books and papers that describe theory or report on research findings
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