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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social Psychology- Lecture 7- Initial Attraction and Close Relationships Misatrribution arousal- the bridge study Proximity - Propinquity effect: occurs through familiarity - Propinquity and proximity are synonyms Familiarity - Mere-Exposure: only works if the object is not already something that you don’t like. - MIT dorm study: you are more likely to be friends with you dependin g in the closeness to your dorm. - Research on Mere-Exposure: had an actor sit in the front row of a lecture and at the end of the semester, the students were asked how likeable the actor was. They found that the more the students saw him, the more they liked him. - Friends like the mirror image but you like the flipped mirror image because you see your face in the mirror more than you see your face. - We like people who are similar to us Similarity or Complementarity - Research shows that we like people who are like us because it shows that the way we are is good. - Study: the dorm - Opposites attract works for: traits of dominance and submissiveness, Reciprocal Liking - We like people who like us - We pick up subtle cues of liking - Attention is the biggest - Study: random pairing of participants and they randomly assigned whether they told the other participate that they like them or doesn’t like them. They found that if you think that some one likes you then you will like then back. Physical Attractiveness and Liking - Study: had a freshmen dance and they paired up random people do be dates and then at the end of the date they were asked if they would go an a second date and the first Why are these features important? - Baby faced people are more attractive because you associate baby’s with good positive things Composite Faces - Are more attractive when made of more faces Attractiveness and liking - The more you represent the group the more attractive you are. Why does beauty promote attraction? - Beautiful-is-good schema- we have a bias that beautiful people are good people (Halo effect) Matching Hypothesis - We have the most stable relationships with people of the same attractiveness as us. - You want to keep dating the people who are the most similar to your beauty - Study: Scarcity - Your standards of who you want are dependent on the number of people around Evolutionary Perspectives on Mating - Evolutionary fitness: the potential to pass on your genes and make sure that your baby survives to his/her mating years and to maximize the number of offspring - Reproductive investment of Each Sex: the sex who puts in the most effort is the one that is more choosy Sexual Dimorphism - Difference between size or structures between the males and females Monogamy - No sexual dimorphism - Neurtotransmitter: dopamine-pleasure - 95% of mammals don’t have their dopamine and oxytocine in the same place in the brain - Oxytocin: for humans, we have the neurotransmitter for oxytocin in the same place that we have dopamine which causes an association with whatever makes us feel good whenever they are both activated Homosexuality - Ecological factors increase homosexuality (less males or less females) - Same sex animals go out and adopt abandoned babies of dead parents Human Mating - Are we polygamous or monogamous? - There is evidence for both - Shades of grey: - When you are young you don’t put effort into parenting so you try to plant your seeds everywhere you can. When you grow older you invest more time and effort into parenting and so you need less planting of seeds Need to Belong - Being in a relationship is not only to have babies, it is also because people have a need to belong and survival skills show that animals in packs are less likely to be attacked. - The need to belong is compared to isolation - Isolation is usually used as punishment - Rejection is how we maintain social n
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