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Lecture 5

lecture 5 and 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lec 5 and 6 Fundamental Attribution Error; Jones and Harris study Distinctiveness is talking about similar types of situations but slightly diff stimuli Consistency is basically do we seethe person forget their keys (do the exact same behaviour) multiple times? Treer social stress test. Your suppose to come into the lab, and give a speech and verbal math test. The researchers then determine your self-serving attributions Just World Hypothesis- each ind believes more or less in this. It quells anxiety, makes you feel like you have control over the world but unfortunately, research shows that is predicts rejection in victims. Sometimes used as a measure of the prejudice of ppl of low SES. Can lead us to blame ppl for the bad things that happen to them. Falso consensus study on cheating stealing showed that ppl who stole or cheated believed many others would also cheat just like they did. Those who did not cheat or steal assumed others didnt either, just like they didnt. So shows that ppl assume ppls attitudesbeliefs are same as their own, when in reality they may not Ultimate Attribution Error; In group- any group, identity, or ethnicity that you be
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