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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 Part 1

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Culture-Lecture 16 What is culture? Ever changing-culture denotes dynamic Constructive stimulus-it shifts and changes as a result of its members and sometimes as a result of outside members You affect culture and your culture affects u Identification: The degree to which you identify yourself with a culture affects how that culture is going to affect you and how u going to interact with that culture Metaphysics: beliefs about purposes etc Why should we care? Ethnic diversity profiles are changing constantly IN GLOBAL EECONOMY-u will be interacting with all types of people Universal psychological processes are in reality cultural dependent How do we study lecture? Methodological: Culture comparative- there are psychological processes that are universal and the way they act in diff cultures is going to be diff So go to diff cultures and then test that same process in all of these culture..Will have multiple cultures with in this study..most common method. How much Canadian A differs from Canada B?-with-in
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