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Lecture 16

Culture Lecture 16 Part 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Cognitive -hwo do we think? Western tend to think that we think in words Experiment; East-asains maybe dont think in words , might be in association If u think in words, thinking aloud should facilitate u in performing a task If u dont think in words and trying to verbalize will inhibit your efficiency 2 condns: Think aloud or articulatory suppression by saying the alphabets North America: When they are were thinking aloud, their performances were enhanced a little bit as opposed to their baseline They were seriously hindered when they had to suppress their verbalization by spewing alphabets East Asian Were hindered in both condns Were more hindered when they had to verbalize their thoughts process aloud ~perhaps people do not think in the same way Framing -study: Cultural primes and how they affect your identification with the culture If someone prime u with a familiar cultural icon, then u are going to view things even more congruently with that culture Ps not aware that they were being influenced Results: p endorsed cultural values even more than when they were primed with western icons Dialectical thinking Expemnt: Compare proverbs Looked at linearity and dialectical thinking Results: Chinese had more dialectical proverbs than Americans Preferences: Americans preferred liner proverbs more than dialectical and Chinese preferred more dialectical than linear this was not bc they liked dialectical thinking but they showed linear yiddish proverbs Chinese individual liked Yiddish dialectical than linear and Americans like linear Yiddish proverbs `they didnt like proverbs bc it came from their culture. Emotional Complexity Varies across cultures Looking at correlations btwn positive and negative emotions as reported in daily lives US:negative correlation If I feel happy, I feel less sad
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