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Lecture 16

Culture- lecture 16 Part 3

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Intergroup Processes Its not possible to know every one that is part of your racial group ~u dont have to know everyone in order to be part of that social group Intergroup processes: when different groups interact with others or think about others, could be overall perception of certain groupdoesnt have to be interaction Social Identity theory -easier way :vicariously, u feel u are a little bit better bc your group is better Categorization-v categorize people in to group very quickly -creates out-group and in-group New thinking: low in cognition need People who are high in cognition need dont stereotype as much as people in low cognition need Cog. Miser-v have limited resources, diff from laziness We categorize people based on shared features, these shared features can be extremely trivial- minimal groups-In-group and out groups can be formed on superficial features Minimal group paradigm Random assignment: underestimators and overestimators how much should under get and over get? ~categorization happens immediately and happens on superficial things Identification- which group u identify yourself with Effects are dependent on how much you identify yourself with that group Comparison- how u compare your group to other groups In group favouritism: Highly dependent on how u currently identify yourself with a group Destinctiveness We desire distinctiveness of our group bc in absence of it , there is no reason to get positive self-regard on basis bc your group isnt that different Realistic Conflict theory Results in increased prejudice Robbers Cave Experiment -Phase 1: activities were within group, no idea that there is diff group, all to identify themselves with the group
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