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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lecture Six PSYB10Social NormsGroup Processes Social GroupsGroups have social norms to guide behaviour o Prescription for behaviour values beliefs o Berkeleys naked guy Andre Martinez student of sociology Walked around naked all the time Violation of norms o Punishedrejected if we break norms because we are expected to conformHave welldefined social roles o Group expectations behaviours responsibilities from group members o Classic gender roles in traditional family o Punished and rejected from group if dont conform o Strong situationovercome individual differences o Stanford prison experimentVary in levels of group cohesiveness o The degree to which a group is or perceived to be close knit and similar to each other o Sorority groups example o In the minds of group membersPromotes liking and ingroupfavouritism o Minds of outsidersIncreases stereotyping of group members Stanford Prison ExperimentResearch ethics o Always can withdrawal from an experiment as a participantCan retrieve your data and destroy itCan stop experiment if researcher notices that the participant is in distressDual role o Zombardo was superintended and financialresearcherCannot do this experiment now because it is ethically wrong complex relationshipsTaught us a lot about social rolesPeoples lives changed from being a participant vs information we gained from experiment was not worth it Environment affects person person affects environmentSocial roles are very powerful How Groups Affect Us Social Facilitation and Social Loafing
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