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Intergroup Processes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Lecture 19: Intergroup Processes INGROUP A social group to which you belong N Everyone has multiple ingroups, and the ingroup one identifies with the most will be based on the aspect of themselves they are currently thinking about N 308L3J74:5,34:9J74:5L8-,805:70O439K0L74Z39K4:JK98,-4:9ZKL.KJ74:58 they belong in or not. OUTGROUP A social group to which you do not belong INTERGROUP PROCESSES Situations, cognitions, beliefs, and feelings that arise when people from different groups interact with or think about each other SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY A diffuse but interrelated set of social psychological theories about when and why individuals identify with, and behave as a part of, social groups N Assumptions N Components ASSUMPTIONS OF SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY N Key Assumption: o We all have a need for positive self regard (we want to think that we are good people) N How do we achieve this positive self-regard? o Via our own achievements o Via identification with the achievements of the social groups we belong to For example, if you strongly identify with a religious group and you think that your religious group is morally strong, then that actually gives you a sense of positive self regard as well, it makes you feel that you are also good because you are part of a group that is good. SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY N 4 Main Components of Social Identity Theory: o Categorization
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